Utility Billing

Utility Billing




Billing for:

Water, Sewer, Storm water, and Trash


The Town of Johnstown currently provides water service to residents and bills for service monthly.

Please complete our Move In & Move Out form below to begin your service. A deposit of $150 is required to begin water service. This will be paid out upon purchase of new home or paid with your first 3 water bills. 

Please complete our Move in & Move out for below when requesting an end to your water service with the Town of Johnstown. 

Final Water Reading Request for Title Companies

**MOVE IN/MOVE OUT form is at the bottom of this page**


The Town of Johnstown currently bills for trash services, however the service provider is WASTE MANAGEMENT.

Please contact Waste Management for inquiries about Recycling, the size of your trash tote, and additional weekly garbage at (800)482-6406 or cscolorado@wm.com

Senior Rate - 65+ and comes with a smaller garbage bin (65 gallons) instead of the regular size (96 gallons).


The Town of Johnstown currently provides sewer/wastewater services to residents and bills for service monthly. 

Pay your bill online!

You can pay your bill online with Xpress Bill Pay.

To register for a free Xpress Bill Pay account:

  1. Click on the button above. It will take you directly to the Town of Johnstown's Xpress Bill Pay website.
  2. Click the link that says "Create New Account" and complete the short registration form, including email address and password.
  3. Login and select "Town of Johnstown" as your billing organization. You will be asked for your account number and the last name as it appears on your bill. During the set up process, you have the option to select auto pay. If you do not want auto pay, select "NO" to continue.
  4. Once your Town of Johnstown bill is linked to your Xpress Bill Pay account, you can set up email billing or view and pay your bill online. You can also set up a recurring auto payment schedule.

For technical support, call 1-800-766-2350 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MT, Monday through Friday. To pay by phone, call 1-800-720-6847.

Move in / Move Out

A Move In / Move Out form is required to be filled out by new residents or moving residents. Please complete the form online below OR print out the PDFs of either form and bring them into the Town Hall for service start/stop.

PDF Forms for printing and delivery to the Town Hall (you can complete these forms online in the form below as well)

Move In Form | Move Out Form 

Moving In Deposit Information: For homeowners, the deposit will be held in trust for twelve (12) months.  At the end of that time, the deposit will be applied to the homeowners' utility account within sixty (60) days if no delinquent payments have occurred. For renters, the deposit will be held in trust and returned within sixty (60) days after the final utility bill has been paid.  Upon termination of service to that account, a deduction shall be made from the security deposit with any balance returned to the customer.

Contact Information
Moving in or out? (choose one)
What is the address of the property that you are moving in or out of?
Are you a renter, an owner, or the landlord?
If you are renting (or are a landlord), what is the landlord's address?
Is there a trash container at the home in Johnstown that you are moving in or out of?
If moving out, please provide a forwarding address