Application Information

Planning & Development

Application Information

For specific questions or to schedule a pre-application meeting please contact the Planning & Zoning Department. 

Community Development Application Form 


Prior to Application Submittal

Applicants should review the Application Requirements, and all design guidelines, municipal code, and standards and specs that may apply. The Town advises applicants to contact any applicable Owners Association regarding required building and site design and OA approvals. Gateway District properties have additional requirements.

A staff consultation is recommended prior to submittal. Please email to schedule an appointment with the Planning & Development Department.

Submittal Requirements:

To avoid delays, please submit all of required copies and documents, signed as required. Please sign all originals in blue ink. Submit all files as digital (PDF) unless otherwise detailed below:

  • Signed Review Cost Agreement and Funds Deposit Agreement. A $5,000-10,000 deposit (depending on complexity and scope of the site) to escrow/bill against professional consulting expenses incurred by the Town (i.e., legal, engineering, traffic, water).
  • Community Development Application, with original signatures of applicant and owner
  • Legal description of property – in digital Word/.docx format
  • Current Title Commitment – digital format
  • Building and Site Plan Document (2 paper sets 24"x36" – legible at 50% scale (~11"x 17"), plus PDF file) Refer to Site Plan Checklist (Sec 16-145) for required content of plans – must include at minimum: site, landscape, color architectural elevations with colors/materials, photometric plan.
  • All necessary and appropriate Engineering construction documents and reports:
    • Existing Site Conditions
    • Utility Plans
    • Grading Plans
    • Drainage Report
    • Geotech Report, if needed
  • Narrative / Operational Plan – Describe the proposed use and how it will be conducted. Include business hours, customer and delivery traffic levels, access to property, trash and outdoor storage screening. Identify health or other local, county, or state-level department certifications which must be obtained.
  • Water Demand Analysis. This applies to all new uses, expansions, and changes of use. The Town may require dedication of additional raw water to meet increased demand.
  • Traffic Impact Study or Traffic Compliance Memo, if required

Quick References


In addition to Town review, applications are referred to interested or affected outside agencies, including:
Front Range Fire Rescue Authority, Weld RE-5J and Thompson R2-J School Districts, Thompson Rivers Parks and Recreation District, Loveland Fire Rescue Authority, nearby communities, Larimer County, Weld County, Xcel Energy, United Power, CDOT,  Colorado Division of Wildlife, Office of Petroleum Safety, irrigation Ditch Companies, Postal Service. 

Depending upon the type and location of the application, applicants may especially wish to contact the applicable Fire Authority and electrical providers to determine their needs.