Façade Grant

Planning & Development

Downtown Façade Grant

Purpose: This program provides financial assistance for improvement projects to building facades in downtown Johnstown and exists to encourage revitalization to as many private commercial properties in the downtown as possible.

What you need to know: All grants are awarded on a 50/50 matching basis. A maximum of $10,000 per facade is available. A one-time grant up to $1,000, in addition to the facade grant, is available for signage that meets the Eligible Improvements requirements.

Grants are intended to encourage private investment downtown, preserve the special characteristics of, and encourage new investment in, downtown businesses and promote business activity. Grants are subject to availability of funds.  

How to apply: Please complete the PDF application or the online application below and email your (application) and supporting materials to the Planning and Development Department at planning@townofjohnstown.com. 

Facade grant decorative Image

Review Process: The Town will review applications submitted for completeness, program eligibility, and conformance with Downtown Design Guidelines. The Town also takes into account the purpose and intent of the Grant program in determining if a project may receive a grant. When a complete application if received by the Town, the project review is typically completed within 10 business days; requests for additional materials may extend that review period. 

Program Eligibility (Please see the the Program Flyer for full description of eligibility and eligible projects): Any property owner or business tenant in the downtown may apply. Eligibility is based upon the following criteria: Improvements to the appearance of a building, Creation of Jobs, Ability to leverage additional economic activities, Provision of Needed Services

Tenants must have the owner’s written approval. All applications must be submitted for approval prior to construction.

Work must fully follow the plans and renderings that are approved by the Town. Rehabilitation work must be completed within 6 months of the date of project approval, and an agreement to maintain those façade improvements for a period of ten years must be signed by the Owner. Following completion of work the project will be reviewed by Planning & Development and the Building Official. The applicant must submit proof of payment for work (typically in the form of a paid invoice and lien waivers) in order to receive reimbursement by the Town.

Required Documents

You must complete the following to be considered for funding:

  • Completed online or PDF application
  • Written project description (if not on application)
  • Plans and drawings of proposed renovations, to scale, with dimensions noted
  • Color photographs of the existing conditions of the building, including the area for improvement
  • Contractor material bids (no more than 30 days old)
  • Signature on application or written permission from the Owner, if applicable
  • Additional items that might be requested by the Planning Department in deciding applicant eligibility. 

Eligible Improvements

Eligible improvements include hard costs associated with the physical rehabilitation of the property. Labor costs are eligible if the work is to be done by someone other than the applicant/owner. All renovation projects must comply with the Downtown Johnstown Design Guidelines.

  • Removal of false fronts and restoration of original storefronts
  • Repair of cornices, soffits and trim
  • Repair or replacement of windows and doors with compatible materials and design
  • Repair of facade materials
  • Repair and stabilization of foundations if related to facade improvements
  • Installation or replacement of gutters
  • Masonry repointing
  • Repair or replacement of roofing with historically appropriate materials
  • New awnings
  • Exterior painting (when part of a larger rehabilitation effort)
  • Demolition of non historic or incompatible elements
  • Alley entrances and facades, where the entrance is for public access
  • Upgraded signage that meets the design guidelines (One-time grant, 50/50, up to $1,000 additional)