2018 Chip Seal Project

A-One Chipseal Company was awarded the contract for the Town of Johnstown’s 2018 Chip Seal Project during the May 7 Town Council meeting. The project, which is comprised of a total of approximately 75,119 square yards of pavement surface improvements to street segments within the Town, started June 4, 2018 and is expected to be complete the week of June 11. 

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Streets that received improvements are as follows:

  • Parkwood Drive from Fox Meadow to Lindenwood Avenue
  • Overland Drive from Fox Meadow to Lindenwood Avenue
  • Lindenwood Avenue from Parkwood Drive to Rolling Hills Parkway
  • Rolling Hills Ranch from Highway 60 to Rolling Hills Parkway
  • Centennial Drive from Parish Avenue to Grange Lane
  • Mountain View Drive from County Road 15 to Country Acres Drive
  • Country Acres Court from West to East
  • Chester Court from King Avenue to End
  • Country Acres from Highway 60 to Mountain View
  • Wadas Court from Country Acres Drive to end of street
  • Harding Avenue from Highway 60 to Country Acres Drive
  • Hays Avenue from Cottonwood Drive to End
  • King Avenue from Cottonwood Drive to End
  • Phyllis Avenue from Chester Court to Cottonwood Court
  • Cottonwood Drive from Harding Avenue to King Avenue
  • Cottonwood Drive from King Avenue to Phyllis Avenue
  • Pleasant Avenue from Mountain View Drive to Sandra Drive
  • Sandra Drive from Country Acres Drive to Pleasant Avenue
  • County Road 15 from South to Bridge
  • South Greeley from Highway 60 to Country Acres Drive

View this map that highlights all impacted streets.

Timeframe and Notification of Work
A-One Chipseal performed the Town of Johnstown’s 2018 Chip Seal Project on June 4 and June 5. Crews will swept and fog sealed streets following the chip seal process. A-One notified residents seven to five days in advance of the work, and no-parking signs with listed dates of operation were placed 24 hours in advance of the start of work.

Purpose and Process
Chip seal is an economical surface treatment designed to protect and prolong the life of asphalt pavement. The process restores skid resistance, reduces aging, waterproofs the road surface and protects the underlying pavement from oxidation and traffic wear. An asphalt binder is applied, then immediately covered by a single layer of uniformly-sized chips. The new surface is then rolled to seat the aggregate and broom swept to remove any loose chips. A fog seal, a diluted asphalt emulsion, is then applied to the treated surface to give the roadway a black appearance, and to hold in the chips.

Project Cost
A-One agreed to perform the work for $2.98/sy for ¼” aggregate chip seal, $3.39/sy for 3/8” aggregate chip seal, and $120 per hour for the chip seal sweeper for a total contract price not to exceed $250,000. A-One has successfully completed chip seal projects over the past 14 years in Johnstown and have also performed work in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Golden, Northglenn, Loveland, Frederick, Estes Park, etc.