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Forms and Applications
Municipal Codes
Johnstown Town Hall
450 S. Parish Ave.
Johnstown, CO 80534
P: (970) 587-4664
F: (970) 587-0141

Water Department



The Water Department is responsible for treating water to provide safe drinking water. It operates and maintains a distribution system within the Town including meters, pipelines, mains, valves, and fire hydrants.

Contact Information

450 S Parish Ave, Johnstown, CO 80534
Phone: 970-587-4664   Fax: 970-587-0141
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Martin Jones, Water/Wastewater Superintendent


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Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Reports


Calendar Year 2007
Calendar Year 2008
Calendar Year 2009
Calendar Year 2010
Calendar Year 2011
Calendar Year 2012
Calendar Year 2013
Calendar Year 2014

Source Water Assessment Report
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has completed a source water assessment for the Town of Johnstown 
as required by the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act amendments and in accordance with Colorado’s Source Water Assessment and Protection (SWAP) program. The purpose of this assessment is to analyze the potential susceptibility of each public drinking water source to contamination, and to supply pertinent information so that decision-makers voluntarily can develop and implement appropriate preventive measures to protect these water sources. The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that the public water system and its consumers be informed of the assessment results.
Please note: The Consumer Confidence Report is amended to include the correct state defined potential sources of contamination. No contaminents have been detected. If any contaminants were detected in our water their sources may be from: chemical storage, wastewater discharge,mine sites, leaking storage tanks, oil/gas wells, roads, transportation, residential, farming, forests, and other facilities.

Water Line Design Standards:
View the Water Design Standards as a part of the Public Improvements Design Standards.