Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town of Johnstown is updating its Comprehensive Plan! We want to capture and articulate the community’s emerging priorities, values, and desires to help guide decision-making and community resources over the next 20 years.

Listening to and responding to the community and your thoughts is key to enhancing this planning effort. If you’ve ever pondered Johnstown’s challenges and opportunities, we want to hear from you! We invite you to get involved and share your input. Your involvement means that the Town's policies and programs are shaped 'by you' and 'for you'.

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Take this 4-minute Quick Poll (click here) to answer some clarifying questions on outdoor recreation and downtown improvements. 

Stop by Town Hall, the Library, or the YMCA to pay us a visit and to pick up a 'Comprehensive Plan Guiding Principle & Themes' brochure to see how the community input is being incorporated into our Town's most important guiding document. The brochure may come with other fun surprises (while quantities last). If you prefer to look at a web version of the brochure, click here

Opportunities Contest. Thanks so much to everyone that participated in the contest and congrats to the winners! Your invaluable feedback is helping shape the future of Johnstown! 

Got more to say? If you want to share more comments than what these involvement opportunities allow, please fill out this form (click here). If requested, one of our Planning Department team members will get in touch with you. 

THANK YOU!​​​​ Thanks for your continued participation. So far, we have received over 700 comments. Keep them coming!


​Stay informed about project updates and community involvement opportunities - visit this page often or follow us on social media:

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