Economic Development

In the 1990s, Johnstown's community leaders determined that the future economic health and quality of life in Johnstown relied upon many factors within and outside of the their control. Among the tasks the community could accomplish were the annexation of additional land for development along the I-25 corridor, an on-going planning process for land use, development of roads and utilities, establishment of a positive relationship with property owners, developers, and a quest for quality of development. These tasks have been substantially accomplished.

In 2005, the Town Council re-examined the community's economic strengths and areas needing improvements. Out of this effort came the new Town website, a community marketing brochure, entitlement process improvements, and renewal of ties to state and regional economic development agencies. In 2006 and 2007, the Town re-affirmed a commitment to nurture the historic downtown, including a Downtown Improvements Plan, investment in public infrastructure and attractive improvements, and promotion of private investment.

Today, commercial and employment development is rapidly growing in the 2534 Development/Johnstown Plaza area at US Hwy 34 and I-25. Opportunities for commercial and light industrial are available in the Iron Horse development, the I-25 Gateway Center and the Johnson's Corner/Marketplace industrial area.

In our historic downtown, the new Johnstown Station center and expanded Hays Market, a new brewpub, and interest in mixed use development south of downtown are attracting new residents, tenants and investors.  
In November 2016, in an effort to provide a clear and consistent response to inquiries from developers and businesses, the Town Council approved an Economic Development Incentive Policy
The Town looks forward to working with new businesses and investors. 
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Local and Regional Economic Development Organizations

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